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Jason W. Qualls

Why Choose a Fee-Only Financial Planner?

Traditional financial planning is the source of most of the stress that people feel in their financial lives. The term "Financial Planning" is often used as a marketing tool by Financial Advisors to get you to buy financial products to generate commissions. The majority of Financial Advisors actually work for a mutual fund broker/dealer or an insurance company, and don't really work you. You have almost no way of knowing whether the recommendations are in your best interest or the best interest of the advisor.

My Unique Process is a very hands-on, comprehensive approach where I help you develop a plan specific to your unique situation, and then help you implement that plan. Unlike Financial Advisers, I do not sell investments, insurance or other financial products. My process focuses on "YOU" and your goals, so I only approach your goals with your needs in mind.

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Benefits of Fee-Only Financial Planning

  • Commission Free, unbiased advice
  • For all income and net-worth levels
  • Financial peace of mind
  • The joy that comes from knowing you have a plan
  • It covers all areas of your Financial Life

What areas of your Financial Life will we cover?

  •Goal Assessment
  •Debt Reduction/Management
  •Risk Management
  •Investment Analysis
  •Asset Management
  •Retirement Planning & Distribution 
  •College Education Planning
  •Tax Planning 
  •Estate Conservation

Contact me today to schedule a FREE no obligation consultation at 615-878-2134

Financial Advisor Murfreesboro

Areas We Serve In Tennessee
Murfreesboro, TN
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Jason W. Qualls, CFP

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